May 30, 2013


Here we go, guys its almost June so close to summer, the most enjoyable season if you stay outside of Japan for sure. (otherwise its way too hot here) Also it might be the perfect time to stay out of some sh*t if you are struggling with some issues popping up. Honestly my life has been great like literally great for the past few months, meeting a lot of new people everyday and having fun with my friends at school or outside of school. Even the internship as an editor of a magazine has been soooo much fun and definitely worth it to work for free. It's not about money just for now you know, i love what i do and i respect other editors quite a lot seriously, they've flied to other countries many times for some interviews or world-events while im working there. This is exactly the same as what i've dreamed since junior-high. This experience has totally reminded me of my teeage-dream which i almost passed by and made me realize its not just a teenage-thing maybe it'll be a lifelong-dream. Thanks God for giving me this amazing opportunity. I already made my small but big dream come true, they got my article put on the magazine this month. It was such an honor to have that opportunity annnd all the congrats tweets i got from my followers were so sweet and i appreciate that, i really do. I'm totally beyond happy to have supportive friends around me thanks guys.

btw i am actually planning to go back to Canada this summer( just for a temporary, i might should say VISIT lol) I am definitely going to visit by winter vacation but im still not sure if its summer or fall yet, summer is summer i'd loveee to have beach just in front of where i stay so....:9

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