March 13, 2013


Hi. Another month is coming and it happens to be the month of starting new life for many of you including me! Since i got here, i actually havent been at school as a student but i will be back there from April officially. I have very little credits left to graduate in a year so hope to have enough time to focus on each classes and to work to save money (i am planning to visit Canada in summer) and i am actually supposed to start the new internship related to publishing industry either as a magazine editor assistant, so excited! you know, i find it very unique that we have uniform way and certain time to look for a job in my country, it makes people's life kinda messy for a while and sort of process would make it exteremly competitive between all the applicans. ive already managed to make some process with it so far, so its not that awful at least but nobody knows what will happen so wish me luck:) lol
Speaking of the new start, i just attended the graduation ceremony of my college because almost all my friends would graduate this time:) i actually could not attend itself, which is stupid of me, but i could be at school to celebrate their last moment at least. it was very touching and i gotta be happy and sad at the same time. i will miss you all, be friends for good :)