February 27, 2013


"I know you are doing great, it's easier said than done but you should not put too much pressure on yourself especially for things beyond your control so just let things happen." someone has just told me through the text, he is one of my Canadian friends used to work with me at the office in Van. (It is very touching and kind of him considering my feelings knowing i am doing job-hunting.)  yea right, not only me but look at us, everybody tends to remind ourselves firmly that we "have to" or "should" do that. I assume most people consider job-hunting as sort of negative-"have to" event in our life. I used to see it in that way, but not anymore, i actually enjoy getting know people and analyzing myself to explain who i am to others. how could you get scared to talk about yourself or your passion for the job, not at all !
It's never be obligations bind us to live, nothing but always our decision. It always depends on us, it takes nothing to join the crowd, it takes everything to stand alone. But dont take a step backward just remeber, we are braver than we believe, stronger than we seem and smarter than we think. There's nothing more utterly pathetic than only being caught by someone else or by something you actually cannot name. Dont get me wrong, i am still working on that as well but definitely i am choosing what i want :)

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