January 24, 2013

my life is a bit like a video game

so i got back from Van to JP a couple of weeks ago and trying to adjust myself (still.) Only friends make me happy to be here, they are the reason why i am here. But thats not the only reason why i cannot throw everything away and fly to Canada right away... but they are always there for me even when i was away from them, im very grateful :)
without beating around the bush, i just needed time to figure out where should i go what to do. because i have no idea where my life is goin( here i go again ), and still struggling for the past weeks to make my decision... but its gonna be fine i am very reasonable not dramatic... (I've lost my mind!!! lol)
My life is a bit like a video game, sometimes including completing levels, thinking like "oh this is good, i havent fallen in any bad situation yet but suddenly sthg unexpected happens and, shoot gotta go out gotta run the other way!!!" But sometimes its good to get lost and start over. That is called middle of nowhere, isnt that right??
miss my friends and family in Canada xxoo

January 23, 2013


Seatlle, Dallas, Chicago annnnd 10days in NYC was just like unbelievably fabulous and fun!! who can't fall in love with this city anyway?! (somebody was actually missing Vancity for the first couple of days believe it or not LOL) As some of you guys know, I WAS ACTUALLY THERE TO WATCH THE BALL DROP<3 I waited for 12 hours only to get into the first section, and we could luckly. i know it sounds insane but it was worth it because you know it seems like a once-in-a-lifetime sort of thing:) funny thing is, most of my friends said it only looked chaos, well its kinda true... lol
That was aaaabsolutely the best beginning of new years dancing and singing along to the best songs(not boring J**songs oops) with strangers and singers. haha Thats definitely the part of what i like about outside my country and needless to say, i bought a lot of stuff literally a lot, one of my favorites is a neckless from Tiffany, yes, that one, Breakfast at Tiffany's for sure.  my love to NYC!