December 22, 2012

Let me just try

Hello everyone, how have you been up to? Had you been scared to wake up this morning on "Dec 21st, 2012"?! How the hell were your feeling if you believed that kinda silly rumor... hahaha:)
im glad that we are all fine anyway :)
It was one of the most incredible days here again. After dinner, we gethered and watched Christmas movie with my host dad&mom sitting on the cozy couch. And then we talked about our life, the view of it, relationships and the lifestyle in Canada and in Japan....
Honestly, i've never ever met someone who has exactly the same idea of lifestyle like my hostdad has. His life and what he believes in life seem perfect for me. I found myself too impressed to try not to cry while we were talking... and he knows Asian culture as well so it makes sense to me when he mentions about the differences. I know its really hard to tell, it depends, but the bottom line is i love to see people enjoying every moment, i love people who actually see people not through job, status or fame and i love people who think they are happy and perfect just the way they are.... 
Thats the reason why i adore here, it doesnt mean i just wanna get out of my country. Lol
Well, im still enough young to figure out so let me just try.

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