December 03, 2012

i will always love you

sorry for pissing u off with a little too early greeting. haha
i went to see the Santa Clause parade this afternoon with a friend. I needed to grab some coffee to stay warm on a chilly evening. Because of this event, im in an atmosphere of Christmas already. lol
Ive been pretty much great in any places including internship as a business administration assistant. Its always challenging and i feel so accomplished when i get my works done. ive been working there for 3 months already and finally im going into the final week from tmrw. Officially ill finish everything on 11th but ill take an exam this weekend so... technically this is gonna be my last week.
well... ive got only a month left in Van anyway. ill go to NY from the end of this month to January to spend Christmas and New Year.  Pretty sure ill have the most fabulous and dreamy weeks out there... im thinking its gonna be an luxury gift for myself for what i accomplished which is called "studying abroad" in Canada. Now i can say im proud of myself for what i have been doing for the past 8 months so far. Its never been always easy, to be honest, something has been always tough around me but its because ive never got satisfied with my life; school, communication, differences between cultures, friendships, relationships, hostfamily, co-workers and my dream and over all life. However, im happy and i bet my life in Van was much better than anyone elses! haha  Lets see how my life would be from now:)
i have work tmrw as usual see you guys good night <3

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