November 14, 2012

its so flufffy im gonna diiiie!

Hi there! uhhh hhhhhm i adore this kind of time we actually can see the best holiday just right over there!!!!! i go to work from 9am to 5pm for 5days in a week though, we've already gained 1hour (in Canada, we got one hour backward.) So, its not dark when i leave in the morning but on the other hand its completely dark outside at 4pm at least and needless to say its freeeeeezing!


Everything has been calm and ive been doing fine:) I just need time thats it, thats all i want so far. Honestly i'd been having terribly busy time because of preparations like resumes and assignments from the company im trying to apply at. you know, its kinda funny that im doing those stuff here despite everything in my heart seems to be reluctant to let me go... lol Well, ill do my best for myself to be the one i really dream of. i hope the company sees any tuition and potential in me somehow. plz plz pleeeease...  anyway, i dont have enough time to read, go to parks, do shopping or even to stroll around in a beautiful weather like this. (usually it rains a lot now) missing everything i used to do so badly, it will stay the same unless i finish this internship.   although cant wait for holidays, i wish all just stop or slow down at the same time... 
*i definitely miss my friends in japan too*


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