October 16, 2012

i am spontaneous and slightly out of control.

go to work, run, swim and get back home.
like... downtown and northvan's back and forth everyday.
its still ok, i've just been just exhausted and also feeling weird because i found myself normal in this city, which is good for me absolutely.
obsessively, i often picture myself in Japan and just become more happy than emotional. but i also get insecure deeply about my ability to follow my desire, then im telling myself, "be brave, be smart, be honest and dont take any sh*t."  lol
Everytime i open my own scrap-book and photos, i get back my enthusiasm and intuition, and be confident in what i am doing and where i am going:)

look at those cuties! From the left top, cheeks of M.A.C, flats, fluffy boots and funny animal sweat shirts. oh no how can i stop strolling around there...