September 13, 2012

beautiful season again

Hi there! Less excitements, calm atmosphere and cold weatherrr... Summer has gone winter is coming here already. I dont hate this season, its totally different from summer look but i think its another amazing aspect of this city.
Both are atractive and fascinate me anyway.
well. Some news from me... it'll take long to describe my feelings because as you know, let me say im sensitive, apparently quite emotional though, so it never be settled. kk

First, ive got a job! Im taking on tons of works as a business administration assistant at college in Vancity. Sounds pretty comlicated but basically what im doing is simple. Answering calls, data uploading, filing and organizing schedules and info. From the next week, ill try to make phone calls to hospitals and companies to invite them to the seminar upcoming in a few months. Everything is different from school but people are still nice.
I miss my school life which i got used to and im still so afraid to face the saddest part with friends but ill be okay. All i can do is just to face, because, look how far i've come...and amazingly wide range of experiences i've had! Is that amazing or what?? I desired to come here alone and now i live in where i wished to death. I feel so blessed no matter what happens. Seize the day thats what i feel. : ) xx