July 23, 2012

i miss you

July 21 Graduation day
Ive been here for almost 4months. Ive got through lots of goodbyes.
But July... you were the most saddest month ive ever had.
There were some specials i really really didnt want to let them leave. For a few weeks, ive spent time crying everywhere i mean...everywhere i go, we have special memories with somebody. Even with my friend's sweetest encouragements, being apart from them are killing me. i sometimes find out i still have a somber undercurrent inside me. i know only time will solve the feeling, so now telling myself, life's tough just get on with it. Sadly, as long as we have new encounters, i know it's inevitable... many goodbyes are still waiting for me.  i dont cry because its over, i smile because it happened and i still believe i will see them someday:)  Ill see a bunch of new people and they also will make tons of differences in my life just as all my friends did here.

My life, used to stay very normal and calm but happy, now its awesome it is because of all my friends and memories that we've made together. im sure it will stay amazing even i go back to Japan cos i know how would it like be going  outside Japan and we are all bestfriends forever.

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