June 13, 2012

love you all xx

Its June 12, its been 2months and 2weeks since i got here.
Let me give an excuse for not having written here...  haha:P We have midterms in the 2-3rd week and finals in the 4th week EVERYMONTH not only that! we gotta prepare for presentations, write essays, take other exams and so on and on and on... its killing mex0  It might be because the level of classes is getting higher.
Sometimes i forget where i am and suddenly i find myself in a quiet place in the library its like... startling back. lol  Its not good or bad, though an excessive pressure of work/study usually makes me forget my ultimate purposes.
I learn a lot everyday, i see every little things, i know its weird but now i feel im living in my life seriously. You know, i dont feel that i am in "the foreign country" anymore, i feel that ive been here since quite ago. lol  
im quite enjoying with my friends and also trying to keep in touch with my dear friends who have already went back to their countries... im still missing them so bad:'( 
anyway, If i pass this level this month, ill get a certification from school and ill be permitted to work at prime companies. So i decided to work here from Sept.  Luckily, i still have 2 more months for this school! The school will welcome about 100 new students in summer, im so excited about it actually!  

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