May 09, 2012


 hi there. you know, sometimes everything seems so complicated and it leads me somewhere that i feel im doomed to repeat the cycle of depressions. As only my very best friend knows, it happens to me like... once in a while, so im quite patient and i can hold in all the stress until it goes by. well... i think i can say that now my strength is that ability to stand against my "weakness". Lol
 Today, while i was studying alone drinking coffee, the old man at the next table asked me if i was working in Canada. We've talked for a while and then he said to me that he could see something special and strong, inside of me. 
 He just told me to believe in myself and everything would make me different from others... i couldnt believe what he said, i think it might be just by coincidence, however is was quite moving words for me.
 the only thing i can do is to keep going ;D but I just wanna tell my best friend; I MISS YOU!! lol

 Fish Faces *3* weird..  i went to the Aquarium with friends.
i could see my dear dolphins out there, they were awesome♥
i was exhausted and i couldnt catch up with other friends to go to the pub at night. sry dear, ive broken the promises twice... lol So i promised them to go out together some time this week, that'll be a crazy night!

have good days <3

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