April 23, 2012


i love Sundays i really do. Wash my clothes, eat breakfast outside, help my host parents, listen to songs at random and eat dinner together... I feel comfortable.
For the first time in a long time, im sure about something. That i am quite happy about where i am and what i am doing at the moment, and i am sure what is goin on in my life...   
Only three weeks ago, how was i here? EVERY night for a week i spent crying in my room cos i was so lonely and secure, but now look at me, i am pretty sure that ill miss everyone ive met and everything in this country. I've met a lot of people from all over the world and i really like them and i can't tell you how incredible it is, its not expressible in words!

This is a view from a sea-bus and we can see Downtown ahead.
unfortunately it was shortly before sunset but i kinda like it, so i put it here :)
well um actually...  im facing a small problem that i had never thought abt in Japan annnnnd its not like a worry, so its fine tho.   i think im just not good at expressing myself to others just like others do. I dont know why and its weird to say cos i can do it in some situations.   
Maybe i just need time to deal with... somebody says to me Be at ease, Everything will be okay, so i decided not to worry needlessly:)

anyway, its pretty good weather and warm today, have a nice day, you guys !  xxxx

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