April 23, 2012


i love Sundays i really do. Wash my clothes, eat breakfast outside, help my host parents, listen to songs at random and eat dinner together... I feel comfortable.
For the first time in a long time, im sure about something. That i am quite happy about where i am and what i am doing at the moment, and i am sure what is goin on in my life...   
Only three weeks ago, how was i here? EVERY night for a week i spent crying in my room cos i was so lonely and secure, but now look at me, i am pretty sure that ill miss everyone ive met and everything in this country. I've met a lot of people from all over the world and i really like them and i can't tell you how incredible it is, its not expressible in words!

This is a view from a sea-bus and we can see Downtown ahead.
unfortunately it was shortly before sunset but i kinda like it, so i put it here :)
well um actually...  im facing a small problem that i had never thought abt in Japan annnnnd its not like a worry, so its fine tho.   i think im just not good at expressing myself to others just like others do. I dont know why and its weird to say cos i can do it in some situations.   
Maybe i just need time to deal with... somebody says to me Be at ease, Everything will be okay, so i decided not to worry needlessly:)

anyway, its pretty good weather and warm today, have a nice day, you guys !  xxxx

April 09, 2012




パブでは一杯しか飲まなかったけど、家でホストまま、ぱぱと三人で前の生徒にもらった梅酒←を一杯だけショットで一気。チョコレートみたいなお酒もちょっと飲んでみたけど、もうなんかまずくってウェーって感じ(-_-) そしてわたしの大好きなYou Make Me Feel Like Dancingがかかったらみんなで踊ったよ(笑) そのままColbieの散歩にも3人で行きました。30人以上の生徒の中でわたしが最初なんだって。2人は酔ってて上機嫌だからっていうのもあるけど、なんだかあなたは特別って言ってくれて素直に嬉しかった(;_:) 夜の散歩道は真っ暗で星も月も本当にきれいだったよー、Twitterでも月がきれいって日本の子たちがつぶやいてて時差があるけどおんなじの見てるんだなーって♡みんなに会いたい。

April 03, 2012

starting a new life...

today has felt like very long day cos its the first day of school, that was pretty good!! we took some placement tests and had a pizza and coke for lunch with new friends. then we walked down the city and went up the Harbor Center to look over the whole Vancouver. that was amazinggg!
there were many new students like... abt 30 so far they're from Brazil, Korea, Japan, Italy and Saudi, we are not allowed to talk in other languages or we'll pay 5 dollars each. *im not kidding, im serious. this is a big part of the rule.

i think it's rich in nature but also has an urban feel at the same time that's why i love here.
im just getting used to the new life in Canada honestly.
tomorrow morning we'll have special Canadian breakfast at school so, gtg.