March 31, 2012

There is always always always something to be thankful for...

I'm finally writing this from Vancouver! acc ive come here yesterday but i didnt feel like doing this. Yesterday, i was so exhausted that i couldn't spend enough time with them (i got a long nap...Lol) And today, i took the bus and got to the agent office in downtown and met up with many students out there. We just walked around and bought some needed stuff. That's it but pretty fun for me. It seemed like, i was the one being excited except younger man... dont say that because i was anyway, they were very nice and i liked them so much.
i got back home and i talked a lot with my host parents watching funny shows. Then hockey game between Dallas and Vancouver started, we began to shouting on the couch. That was pretty exciting moment. i feel lonely so bad when i go to bed but i couldn't sleep tho....honestly i miss my family and friends already. but im hanging in there.

今日は、バスに乗ってエージェントのオフィスでオリエンテーション参加して、みんなでダウンタウンを歩いたりしたけど、何より良かったのは遊びに来てた先輩たちと会えたことかな:) 全然20前の子はいなかったんだけど、ひとりだけ18の男の子がいたの。うちの問題児だけど大物になるだろうとか言われてる子で、わたしから見たらかなりしっかりしてるし、たしかに今までに見たことないタイプの子だった(笑) やっぱり自立してる人って男女年齢関係なく、ステキだなーって。

March 08, 2012


Hi:) its March already.
i quit the part time job almost a week ago officially and it made me realize that i am so thankful to them for everything. i'm actually surprised how much ive had fun during work and i've never thought i would feel comfortable working for someone else like that.
I learned a lot. that's not only about the work and system, honestly i learned a lot from workmates too.
They are all nice and funny and needless to say but as they go to the workplace they become very earnest. That is a part of the points of them i look up to:)
Unfortunately i'm a kinda person who suck at goodbyes too much because i always cry, i swear... it always happens.  ew i know it is a bit cleepy and that'll be awkward if i make it clear in front of them, I'll miss them though :( 

well, anyway.... these days i've been spending much more time with my very bestfriend, we are more like sisters:) we are freak when we go to karaoke together because we are not gonna just sit and sing, we do completely crazy freaky funny or dirty dances every time. but crazy things cannot be done alone, we can be stupid together thats what friends are for, you know :P
Im going out tomorrow night with my high school friends yay! we haven't seen each other for a while so, missing em! that's gonna be the last dinner with that girls until i leave so... i just wanna live it up!