February 27, 2012

March is coming up so soon

these are the pics of my own room.
i know its kinda too girly for me and you guys didnt even expect it :P ha
im telling you, Im NOT like a person who prefer princess or sthg cute.lol
i dont have any particular reason to post these pics :P

almost a month left after i finished my first year at the college
and surprisingly, March is coming up so soon. time flies!
some ask me if i am feeling nervous about going off there alone.
actually, if i were to say i was not apprehensive about it, i would be telling a lie.
i feel scared and great nervous but...
at the same time, my first time going oversea to study+work is full of expectation.
definitely ill miss my friends though.
No matter what issues ill have to face ahead, i am still sure that its gonna be huge for me and my life in a good way.

and before ending this, i gotta tell you.
thank you for coming here and my cousin Christina,
i wanna thank her for supporting me through her blog.
( those stuff she wrote about me are truths but i am not that cool unfortunately. haha )
I always appreciate her for being my proud cousin, love you.

her blog is almost all about justin bieber and the things going on around him.
you can see immediately how much she adores him. lol
you guys gotta see this!
actually, i made the top-image for her, its kinda my real job already... jk

February 23, 2012

hello from here :Flaner

こんにちは!きてくれてありがとう :)




とくに好きなのはZac Efron、Selena Gomez、Rachel Bilson
最近はAlexa ChungとかAlexis Biedelもお気に入り

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