December 22, 2012

Let me just try

Hello everyone, how have you been up to? Had you been scared to wake up this morning on "Dec 21st, 2012"?! How the hell were your feeling if you believed that kinda silly rumor... hahaha:)
im glad that we are all fine anyway :)
It was one of the most incredible days here again. After dinner, we gethered and watched Christmas movie with my host dad&mom sitting on the cozy couch. And then we talked about our life, the view of it, relationships and the lifestyle in Canada and in Japan....
Honestly, i've never ever met someone who has exactly the same idea of lifestyle like my hostdad has. His life and what he believes in life seem perfect for me. I found myself too impressed to try not to cry while we were talking... and he knows Asian culture as well so it makes sense to me when he mentions about the differences. I know its really hard to tell, it depends, but the bottom line is i love to see people enjoying every moment, i love people who actually see people not through job, status or fame and i love people who think they are happy and perfect just the way they are.... 
Thats the reason why i adore here, it doesnt mean i just wanna get out of my country. Lol
Well, im still enough young to figure out so let me just try.

December 10, 2012


All be better off. People tend to think that way in this season. Im definitely one of them :)
Yesterday i was storolling across the street without any aim (THAT is called "FLANER") and step into the shops, from shop to shop... i found lots of stuff catching my eyes and i was struggling with them to get away from. lol I've been thinking abt black big bag with gold chain, fashionable heavy thick watch and flat animal ballet shoes since i came here. but i still couldnt decide.
I bought pretty little heart ring yesterday from original shop and big gold ring from TOPSHOP. Ugh i cannot wait for the luxury trip to the US until the end of this month, lovely!!!!

December 03, 2012

i will always love you

sorry for pissing u off with a little too early greeting. haha
i went to see the Santa Clause parade this afternoon with a friend. I needed to grab some coffee to stay warm on a chilly evening. Because of this event, im in an atmosphere of Christmas already. lol
Ive been pretty much great in any places including internship as a business administration assistant. Its always challenging and i feel so accomplished when i get my works done. ive been working there for 3 months already and finally im going into the final week from tmrw. Officially ill finish everything on 11th but ill take an exam this weekend so... technically this is gonna be my last week.
well... ive got only a month left in Van anyway. ill go to NY from the end of this month to January to spend Christmas and New Year.  Pretty sure ill have the most fabulous and dreamy weeks out there... im thinking its gonna be an luxury gift for myself for what i accomplished which is called "studying abroad" in Canada. Now i can say im proud of myself for what i have been doing for the past 8 months so far. Its never been always easy, to be honest, something has been always tough around me but its because ive never got satisfied with my life; school, communication, differences between cultures, friendships, relationships, hostfamily, co-workers and my dream and over all life. However, im happy and i bet my life in Van was much better than anyone elses! haha  Lets see how my life would be from now:)
i have work tmrw as usual see you guys good night <3

November 14, 2012

its so flufffy im gonna diiiie!

Hi there! uhhh hhhhhm i adore this kind of time we actually can see the best holiday just right over there!!!!! i go to work from 9am to 5pm for 5days in a week though, we've already gained 1hour (in Canada, we got one hour backward.) So, its not dark when i leave in the morning but on the other hand its completely dark outside at 4pm at least and needless to say its freeeeeezing!


Everything has been calm and ive been doing fine:) I just need time thats it, thats all i want so far. Honestly i'd been having terribly busy time because of preparations like resumes and assignments from the company im trying to apply at. you know, its kinda funny that im doing those stuff here despite everything in my heart seems to be reluctant to let me go... lol Well, ill do my best for myself to be the one i really dream of. i hope the company sees any tuition and potential in me somehow. plz plz pleeeease...  anyway, i dont have enough time to read, go to parks, do shopping or even to stroll around in a beautiful weather like this. (usually it rains a lot now) missing everything i used to do so badly, it will stay the same unless i finish this internship.   although cant wait for holidays, i wish all just stop or slow down at the same time... 
*i definitely miss my friends in japan too*


October 16, 2012

i am spontaneous and slightly out of control.

go to work, run, swim and get back home.
like... downtown and northvan's back and forth everyday.
its still ok, i've just been just exhausted and also feeling weird because i found myself normal in this city, which is good for me absolutely.
obsessively, i often picture myself in Japan and just become more happy than emotional. but i also get insecure deeply about my ability to follow my desire, then im telling myself, "be brave, be smart, be honest and dont take any sh*t."  lol
Everytime i open my own scrap-book and photos, i get back my enthusiasm and intuition, and be confident in what i am doing and where i am going:)

look at those cuties! From the left top, cheeks of M.A.C, flats, fluffy boots and funny animal sweat shirts. oh no how can i stop strolling around there...

September 13, 2012

beautiful season again

Hi there! Less excitements, calm atmosphere and cold weatherrr... Summer has gone winter is coming here already. I dont hate this season, its totally different from summer look but i think its another amazing aspect of this city.
Both are atractive and fascinate me anyway.
well. Some news from me... it'll take long to describe my feelings because as you know, let me say im sensitive, apparently quite emotional though, so it never be settled. kk

First, ive got a job! Im taking on tons of works as a business administration assistant at college in Vancity. Sounds pretty comlicated but basically what im doing is simple. Answering calls, data uploading, filing and organizing schedules and info. From the next week, ill try to make phone calls to hospitals and companies to invite them to the seminar upcoming in a few months. Everything is different from school but people are still nice.
I miss my school life which i got used to and im still so afraid to face the saddest part with friends but ill be okay. All i can do is just to face, because, look how far i've come...and amazingly wide range of experiences i've had! Is that amazing or what?? I desired to come here alone and now i live in where i wished to death. I feel so blessed no matter what happens. Seize the day thats what i feel. : ) xx

July 23, 2012

i miss you

July 21 Graduation day
Ive been here for almost 4months. Ive got through lots of goodbyes.
But July... you were the most saddest month ive ever had.
There were some specials i really really didnt want to let them leave. For a few weeks, ive spent time crying everywhere i mean...everywhere i go, we have special memories with somebody. Even with my friend's sweetest encouragements, being apart from them are killing me. i sometimes find out i still have a somber undercurrent inside me. i know only time will solve the feeling, so now telling myself, life's tough just get on with it. Sadly, as long as we have new encounters, i know it's inevitable... many goodbyes are still waiting for me.  i dont cry because its over, i smile because it happened and i still believe i will see them someday:)  Ill see a bunch of new people and they also will make tons of differences in my life just as all my friends did here.

My life, used to stay very normal and calm but happy, now its awesome it is because of all my friends and memories that we've made together. im sure it will stay amazing even i go back to Japan cos i know how would it like be going  outside Japan and we are all bestfriends forever.

June 25, 2012

much love


そこで救ってくれたのは、ファイナルスピーキング。ほんとにツイてた★ その場でトピックの紙を引いて、5分で準備、5分間クラスに話すっていう形式のテストなんだけど、運よくわたしは「FASHION」を引いたから準備もなにも(笑) 点数よりクラスメイトからのリピュが良かったのがうれしかったなあ。

エージェントの奨学金生に選ばれたうえに、日本の新聞社の編集長と記者さんに紹介するって言ってもらえました! 同じ業界の人と交流もつのってたいせつだし、同じ文章を書くっていう業界にあって興味あるからたのしみだなー!

社長さんに、「仕事内容は重要なものじゃなくても入りたい業界に入ってそこで、あ な たが新しい日本版の雑誌の制作をしたら?」って言われて…いきなり夢に飛びついちゃった気がして固まった。。。

June 13, 2012

love you all xx

Its June 12, its been 2months and 2weeks since i got here.
Let me give an excuse for not having written here...  haha:P We have midterms in the 2-3rd week and finals in the 4th week EVERYMONTH not only that! we gotta prepare for presentations, write essays, take other exams and so on and on and on... its killing mex0  It might be because the level of classes is getting higher.
Sometimes i forget where i am and suddenly i find myself in a quiet place in the library its like... startling back. lol  Its not good or bad, though an excessive pressure of work/study usually makes me forget my ultimate purposes.
I learn a lot everyday, i see every little things, i know its weird but now i feel im living in my life seriously. You know, i dont feel that i am in "the foreign country" anymore, i feel that ive been here since quite ago. lol  
im quite enjoying with my friends and also trying to keep in touch with my dear friends who have already went back to their countries... im still missing them so bad:'( 
anyway, If i pass this level this month, ill get a certification from school and ill be permitted to work at prime companies. So i decided to work here from Sept.  Luckily, i still have 2 more months for this school! The school will welcome about 100 new students in summer, im so excited about it actually!  

May 18, 2012

enjoy your sun

Hi how have u been up to guysss?? Meu nome e Hinako, como o senhor esta? Obrigada!
i just said "my name is Hinako, how are you? thanks!" in Portugues. lol
now i know many words in many languages cos my shawties and buddies are from around the world, IS THAT AMAZING OR WHAT?! :D

im doing quite good actually, weather is spectacular, i still have a lovely rapport with my host family and doing great on exams and presentations so far.
oh my goodness i really love my friends here... you know what, its pretty easy for us to meet somebody new and that is exactly what i wanted:D now i feel a little bit hesitant to go back to the world where i used to stuck in before i came to this country. lol

blah blah blahhh im not gonna talk in English anymore today.



日本のときみたいにプラン立ててこなせるようになって安心してる。明日がおわれば3days Holiday<3

May 09, 2012


 hi there. you know, sometimes everything seems so complicated and it leads me somewhere that i feel im doomed to repeat the cycle of depressions. As only my very best friend knows, it happens to me like... once in a while, so im quite patient and i can hold in all the stress until it goes by. well... i think i can say that now my strength is that ability to stand against my "weakness". Lol
 Today, while i was studying alone drinking coffee, the old man at the next table asked me if i was working in Canada. We've talked for a while and then he said to me that he could see something special and strong, inside of me. 
 He just told me to believe in myself and everything would make me different from others... i couldnt believe what he said, i think it might be just by coincidence, however is was quite moving words for me.
 the only thing i can do is to keep going ;D but I just wanna tell my best friend; I MISS YOU!! lol

 Fish Faces *3* weird..  i went to the Aquarium with friends.
i could see my dear dolphins out there, they were awesome♥
i was exhausted and i couldnt catch up with other friends to go to the pub at night. sry dear, ive broken the promises twice... lol So i promised them to go out together some time this week, that'll be a crazy night!

have good days <3

April 23, 2012


i love Sundays i really do. Wash my clothes, eat breakfast outside, help my host parents, listen to songs at random and eat dinner together... I feel comfortable.
For the first time in a long time, im sure about something. That i am quite happy about where i am and what i am doing at the moment, and i am sure what is goin on in my life...   
Only three weeks ago, how was i here? EVERY night for a week i spent crying in my room cos i was so lonely and secure, but now look at me, i am pretty sure that ill miss everyone ive met and everything in this country. I've met a lot of people from all over the world and i really like them and i can't tell you how incredible it is, its not expressible in words!

This is a view from a sea-bus and we can see Downtown ahead.
unfortunately it was shortly before sunset but i kinda like it, so i put it here :)
well um actually...  im facing a small problem that i had never thought abt in Japan annnnnd its not like a worry, so its fine tho.   i think im just not good at expressing myself to others just like others do. I dont know why and its weird to say cos i can do it in some situations.   
Maybe i just need time to deal with... somebody says to me Be at ease, Everything will be okay, so i decided not to worry needlessly:)

anyway, its pretty good weather and warm today, have a nice day, you guys !  xxxx

April 09, 2012




パブでは一杯しか飲まなかったけど、家でホストまま、ぱぱと三人で前の生徒にもらった梅酒←を一杯だけショットで一気。チョコレートみたいなお酒もちょっと飲んでみたけど、もうなんかまずくってウェーって感じ(-_-) そしてわたしの大好きなYou Make Me Feel Like Dancingがかかったらみんなで踊ったよ(笑) そのままColbieの散歩にも3人で行きました。30人以上の生徒の中でわたしが最初なんだって。2人は酔ってて上機嫌だからっていうのもあるけど、なんだかあなたは特別って言ってくれて素直に嬉しかった(;_:) 夜の散歩道は真っ暗で星も月も本当にきれいだったよー、Twitterでも月がきれいって日本の子たちがつぶやいてて時差があるけどおんなじの見てるんだなーって♡みんなに会いたい。

April 03, 2012

starting a new life...

today has felt like very long day cos its the first day of school, that was pretty good!! we took some placement tests and had a pizza and coke for lunch with new friends. then we walked down the city and went up the Harbor Center to look over the whole Vancouver. that was amazinggg!
there were many new students like... abt 30 so far they're from Brazil, Korea, Japan, Italy and Saudi, we are not allowed to talk in other languages or we'll pay 5 dollars each. *im not kidding, im serious. this is a big part of the rule.

i think it's rich in nature but also has an urban feel at the same time that's why i love here.
im just getting used to the new life in Canada honestly.
tomorrow morning we'll have special Canadian breakfast at school so, gtg.

March 31, 2012

There is always always always something to be thankful for...

I'm finally writing this from Vancouver! acc ive come here yesterday but i didnt feel like doing this. Yesterday, i was so exhausted that i couldn't spend enough time with them (i got a long nap...Lol) And today, i took the bus and got to the agent office in downtown and met up with many students out there. We just walked around and bought some needed stuff. That's it but pretty fun for me. It seemed like, i was the one being excited except younger man... dont say that because i was anyway, they were very nice and i liked them so much.
i got back home and i talked a lot with my host parents watching funny shows. Then hockey game between Dallas and Vancouver started, we began to shouting on the couch. That was pretty exciting moment. i feel lonely so bad when i go to bed but i couldn't sleep tho....honestly i miss my family and friends already. but im hanging in there.

今日は、バスに乗ってエージェントのオフィスでオリエンテーション参加して、みんなでダウンタウンを歩いたりしたけど、何より良かったのは遊びに来てた先輩たちと会えたことかな:) 全然20前の子はいなかったんだけど、ひとりだけ18の男の子がいたの。うちの問題児だけど大物になるだろうとか言われてる子で、わたしから見たらかなりしっかりしてるし、たしかに今までに見たことないタイプの子だった(笑) やっぱり自立してる人って男女年齢関係なく、ステキだなーって。

March 08, 2012


Hi:) its March already.
i quit the part time job almost a week ago officially and it made me realize that i am so thankful to them for everything. i'm actually surprised how much ive had fun during work and i've never thought i would feel comfortable working for someone else like that.
I learned a lot. that's not only about the work and system, honestly i learned a lot from workmates too.
They are all nice and funny and needless to say but as they go to the workplace they become very earnest. That is a part of the points of them i look up to:)
Unfortunately i'm a kinda person who suck at goodbyes too much because i always cry, i swear... it always happens.  ew i know it is a bit cleepy and that'll be awkward if i make it clear in front of them, I'll miss them though :( 

well, anyway.... these days i've been spending much more time with my very bestfriend, we are more like sisters:) we are freak when we go to karaoke together because we are not gonna just sit and sing, we do completely crazy freaky funny or dirty dances every time. but crazy things cannot be done alone, we can be stupid together thats what friends are for, you know :P
Im going out tomorrow night with my high school friends yay! we haven't seen each other for a while so, missing em! that's gonna be the last dinner with that girls until i leave so... i just wanna live it up!

February 27, 2012

March is coming up so soon

these are the pics of my own room.
i know its kinda too girly for me and you guys didnt even expect it :P ha
im telling you, Im NOT like a person who prefer princess or sthg
i dont have any particular reason to post these pics :P

almost a month left after i finished my first year at the college
and surprisingly, March is coming up so soon. time flies!
some ask me if i am feeling nervous about going off there alone.
actually, if i were to say i was not apprehensive about it, i would be telling a lie.
i feel scared and great nervous but...
at the same time, my first time going oversea to study+work is full of expectation.
definitely ill miss my friends though.
No matter what issues ill have to face ahead, i am still sure that its gonna be huge for me and my life in a good way.

and before ending this, i gotta tell you.
thank you for coming here and my cousin Christina,
i wanna thank her for supporting me through her blog.
( those stuff she wrote about me are truths but i am not that cool unfortunately. haha )
I always appreciate her for being my proud cousin, love you.

her blog is almost all about justin bieber and the things going on around him.
you can see immediately how much she adores him. lol
you guys gotta see this!
actually, i made the top-image for her, its kinda my real job already... jk

February 23, 2012

hello from here :Flaner

こんにちは!きてくれてありがとう :)




とくに好きなのはZac Efron、Selena Gomez、Rachel Bilson
最近はAlexa ChungとかAlexis Biedelもお気に入り

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